Highland Exposure - 5 day package tour to Hveravellir - EI20

The stunning highlands in winter and northern lights

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Extreme Super Jeep round trip for 5 days which is available from October till March and covers half of Iceland. See one of worlds most beautiful hot spring areas hidden in the Icelandic highlands. Become acquainted with our cuisine and legends. Bathe in natural hot pools.

When darkness comes we'll enjoy the magical atmosphere created by the moon, stars and possibly the northern lights. Experiencing the peace, stillness and power of nature in the highlands is such a privilege.

Duration: 5 days

Pick-up: 09:00 - 09:30 (on first day)

Available: On request

Tour Highlights:
  • The highlands
  • Geothermal area
  • Natural hot pool
  • Horse riding
  • Hiking in untouched nature
  • The golden circle route
  • Northern lights searching


Pick up and drop off at hotels in Reykjavik, super jeep tour, accommodation in mountain huts and a farm, in sleeping bags (sleeping bag included), meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 5.


We offer an exciting snowmobiling tour on Langjokull glacier as an optional extra

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes. Spikes which fit over your shoes to provide extra grip on the ice.

Footage from the Highland Exposure tour

More pictures from Hveravellir

More pictures of the Northern Lights in Iceland

Hveravellir in Winter

Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)


Read about important winter information

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Note: Due to weather and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between days. Our guides evaluate circumstances and take the best informed decision possible.

Tour Description

Extreme Super Jeep Travel

What is special about this tour is flexibility to maximize our chances of seeing Northern Lights. This means that your guide will decide whether we start the tour clockwise, or anti-clockwise. It is very important to have clear skies to see the Aurora Borealis. This of course doesn’t change anything about the things you are going to see, you will just see them the other way around.

To start north means that our first destination will be the Áfangi Hut. A nice hut located next to the famous road 35 or Kjölur. We stop to explore craters, waterfalls and lava fields.

Our next goal is Hveravellir. The huts, located also next to Kjölur and less than 40 km south of Áfangi, are a peaceful place in one of the most beautiful hot spring areas in the world. Nature can be both placid and vigorous here! You can expect powerful demonstrations of the elements and/or calm, quiet weather with glittering snow. Nightfall brings moonlight, stars shining brightly and hopefully the Aurora Borealis decorating the sky.

hveravellir nature reserve

Natural bathing & The lodge at Hveravellir in winter light

Hopefully the weather is varied and you get a little of everything. However, we can promise you heated houses, a natural hot pool, great guides, good food, coziness inside – outside you have the wonder of the glaciers, the unspoiled nature, hot springs and a lot of hiking possibilities in the unusual light during the day.

We leave the highlands going south. You will spend your last night in a beautiful guesthouse owned by horse farmers. This is a great opportunity to discover life on a farm in Iceland. But most of all you will meet the unique Icelandic horses and have the chance to ride them.

Hot spring Hveravellir

Walk just a few metres from the hut and stand among hot springs of various kinds!

Mountain Huts and a Horse Farm

Áfangi is a very nice hut with a shower, hot tub and comfortable beds. In September the farmers use it when they are collecting their sheep in the highlands. During winter it's only accessible for real adventurers.

Hveravellir has 3 houses for accommodation. The main hut has a well equipped kitchen, toilets, a bar and 3 rooms. Another hut is ideally located right next to the hot tub.

Geysir Hestar Kjóastaðir is a charming guesthouse on a horse farm. Rooms have an amazing view on the Geysir area in the distance. With a little luck you can see the eruptions from out of your bed.

Relaxing at Hveravellir Hut

The natural hot pool is great place to get to at any time of the day - or night!


The huts and guesthouse all have a well equipped kitchen. Our guides, who are as well excellent chefs, will introduce you to the traditional Icelandic kitchen.

You can expect delicious food such as Icelandic lamb, various kinds of fish and our special yogurt called Skyr.

The highlands of Iceland

The view from the Kjolur Road to the nearby mountains and glaciers is just amazing!

Our Staff

Our guides have a lot of experience travelling in the Icelandic nature. In the highlands, the weather can change quickly and only trained and experienced drivers can drive there. The average temperature in December at Hveravellir has been around -3°C in the recent years, but the frost can take the thermometer down to -20°C. So be well prepared and bring extra warm clothes with you!

Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Northern lights dancing above the lodge


This tour gives you the chance to work on your horse riding and hiking skills. Always check with the guides if you would like to go for a hike. They are at all times well informed about weather conditions from one day or time to another. Weather can change in an instant in Iceland so always stay in touch with them.

Kjóastaðir horse farm Iceland

The cozy horse farm of Kjoastadir

Activity by day...

1. Reykjavik - Áfangi

Pick up is at your hotel in Reykjavik. Driving towards north Iceland we will make various stops on the way. Enjoy the Hraunfossar Waterfall, hike up Grábrók crater and stop for Europe´s most powerful hot spring called Deildartunguhver. We will stop for lunch whenever you're hungry. Please notice that this lunch is not included. After that we will continue our way towards the hut.

2. Áfangi - Hveravellir

Just 40 km of driving on the menu today. However in winter times this can be very challenging in the Icelandic highlands. The jeeps will need al their power today, the guide all his experience!

Keep your eyes open at all times. Not only for the beautiful scenery but as well for the possibility to see the Arctic Fox.

3. Hveravellir - Hveravellir

Perhaps you wake up with a strange sound in your ears – "the scream of steam" from the big hot spring area beside the corner of the hut. Take a stroll and see Blahver and Oskurholshver (Shrieking mound) and all the other hot springs!

After breakfast we take a walk to see the hideaway of outlaws that used Hveravellir as a hiding place century´s ago.

Free time in the middle of the day.

Dinner – traditional Icelandic delicacies.

In the evening we will spend some time together by candle light and the guides will tell you stories about outlaws, elves and trolls living in the Icelandic highlands.

4. Hveravellir - Kjóastaðir

Unfortunately we have to leave this magical place today. After packing the super jeeps we will look for civilization again.

Once out of the highlands the amazing Waterfall Gulfoss will appear in front of us. On a beautiful day the water flowing down the river Hvitá and into Gullfoss appears as golden, hence the name “The Golden waterfall”. The Golden waterfall is fed by the Langjökull glacier which we have driven next to for almost a 100 km.

We will spend our last night in the charming guesthouse Geysir Hestar in Kjóastaðir. From here we will visit the Geysir area which is just another 5 min drive. The Geyser area is a special scene with tons of geothermic power under the ground. The original geyser which has given its name to all other geysers is not active anymore, but the little brother Strokkur erupts every 5-7 minutes and can release hot water up to 40 meters (130 feet)!

Back at the guesthouse you can meet the horses and take part in a brief ride.

A delicious dinner will be prepared afterwards. The perfect ending to the perfect day!

5. Kjóastaðir - Reykjavik.

After a delicious breakfast it is time to head back to Reykjavik. We will make a last stop in Thingvellir National Park where the world’s first parliament was founded in year 930. We will walk in this valley and see how the tectonic plates from America and Eurasia are slowly pulling apart. In the distance you will see the beautiful Waterfall Oxarárfoss. We will then drive you back to your hotel in Reykjavik and say good bye – for this time!

We observe the Northern Lights whenever they show up!

Super jeeps Iceland

Super Jeeps with bigger tyres are needed to travel to Hveravellir at this time of year