4 Day Self Drive Tour | Reykjavik Short Break - SD05

Golden Circle, South Coast, Snorkeling, Glacier Hiking & Blue Lagoon!

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Even if you have only a few days and a tight time frame, Iceland is certainly still worth visiting for a short break. Experience Iceland’s unmatched landscapes, thrilling adventures, rich culture and charming atmosphere!

Included is a rental car, accommodation for 3 nights, admission to the Blue Lagoon, a snorkeling tour in Silfra & a glacier hike on Solheimajokull! You will also receive a detailed itinerary and information package
All at the best price available.

Duration: 4 days

Available: All year

Age limit: 12 years (for snorkeling)

Tour Highlights:
  • The Golden Circle Tour
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Geysir Hot Springs
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Reykjavík - The Capital of Iceland
  • Snorkeling in the Silfra Fissure
  • Glacier Hiking on Solheimajokull
  • Reykjanes peninsula
  • Bathing in The Blue Lagoon

Pick-up & Drop-Off:

You pick-up and drop-off the car at Keflavik international airport (KEF), at flexible times.

For the best experience we recommend that you pick the car up early on departure day, and return it in the afternoon or evening on the last day.

You can also drop-off the car at BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik, on the last day. If you prefer this drop-off location you can change the drop-off location afterwards (details can be found in the confirmation email).


  • Accommodation for 3 nights w. breakfast
  • Rental car for 4 days (with all basic insurances: Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance and Theft protection)
  • Snorkeling tour in Silfra Fissure
  • Glacier Hiking tour on Solheimajokull
  • Detailed itinerary and information package

Remember to bring:

  • Warm clothes
  • Hiking shoes
  • A driver's license
  • Sunglasses


Comfort accommodation is included in the package. Good locations, breakfast included and you get a private bathroom.

Note: If you book for 2 or 4 persons you get twin / double rooms. If you book for 3 or 5 persons you get a combination of double/twin rooms and a single room.

Optional Extra:

If your flight schedule allows, you can stop at the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa on your way to the airport on day 7, for a relaxing swim. The admission fee is not included and a pre-booking is required. We recommend you do so on Remember to bring a bathing suit and a towel, if you don’t you will need to rent or hire them.

68 581 per adult

If 4 persons - May vary depending on group size, season and availability.

Tour Description

silfra self drive tour iceland

Snorkeling in Silfra

With your own rental car you can spend as much time at locations as you want. Travel Iceland at your own pace! Make extra stops whenever you feel like it. Or enrich your self-driven tour with exciting activities like glacier hikes, whale watching, horse riding and more.

In this self-drive tour package, we will give you a detailed plan and some insider tips on where to go and what to see. We will provide you with a detailed travel guide. It will contain all info on the natural attractions that you should visit along your journey.

Day 1 - Arrival - Reykjanes Peninsula

A bridge between the continents. Reykjanesviti lighthouse. Gunnuhver geothermal area. Krýsuvík geothermal area. Hópsnesviti lighthouse and Hópsnes peninsula. Blue Lagoon.

It’s best to arrive in the morning, at midday or early afternoon. Pick up your rental car at the airport and begin your adventures immediately!

On your first day, you can explore the diverse terrain of the Reykjanes peninsula. This is the home of the international airport, and it is sadly underrated. Most visitors drive through the peninsula without stopping. But this mystical place is designated a UNESCO Global Geopark for a very good reason.

The Volcanic Beauty of the Reykjanes Peninsula

The scenery on the Reykjanes peninsula is rough and surreal. You’ll find enormous lava fields covered in moss, impressive volcanic craters, and active geothermal fields. You’ll travel through some tiny, charming fishing villages where you can stop for a lunch break.

The peninsula sits on a drift zone between two tectonic plates: the North American and the Eurasian plates. The peninsula has an active volcanic system under its surface! There are plenty of thrilling hot springs and boiling mud pots to explore. It will make your day when you see them!

You will see a powerful geothermal power station that pumps hot water out from the ground. It generates electricity for the nearby towns and communities. This power station is the source of the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal lake.

The Blue Lagoon, a Wonder of the World

The Blue Lagoon is a luxury spa that has been ranked one of the “25 Wonders of The World” by National Geographic. Its unique, milky-blue water comes from 2,000 meters deep. It travels through fine volcanic filters before it reaches the surface.

The power station pumps the superheated water through its turbines and then releases the wastewater into the lagoon. Thanks to this process, the water is extremely rich in silica and beneficial minerals. Some rare types of algae also thrive in this unique environment. The combination of pure minerals and algae has intense revitalizing effects to the skin.

The Blue Lagoon lies in the middle of a rough lava field with unforgettable scenery surrounding it. Even if you are not intending to bathe, it’s worth a visit just to walk around or have a coffee with a spectacular view.

After you’ve visited all the places that we suggested in our travel guide, make your way towards the capital. Check into your hotel for the next three nights.


Day 2 - Iceland’s Majestic South Coast and a Glacier Hike

Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrabúi waterfalls. Skógafoss waterfall. Dyrhólaey cliffs. Reynisfjara black sand beach. Vík village. Sólheimajökull glacier and a glacier hike.

On your second day, you’ll take a road trip along the southern coastline. This area is probably the most visited place in Iceland. Two tremendous waterfalls, the most famous Hollywood filming locations, and most impressive panoramas are found here.

Epic Waterfalls and Volcanoes

Driving east from Reykjavík, your first stop is the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The water drops over 60 meters (197 feet) and it is possible to walk behind it!

Continuing your drive, you will pass by the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano. It made itself famous in 2010 when a six-day-long eruption caused a huge air traffic disruption across northwest Europe. Today, a massive 100-kilometer icecap covers the top.

The incredibly photogenic Skógafoss waterfall is the next stop on your day trip. It is also 60 meters tall (197 feet) and has beautiful rainbows around it on sunny days.

The Famous Black Sand Beach and Cliffs

Soon you will arrive at the famous black sand beach area. Impressive cliffs, coastal caves, and curious rock formations beckon you to explore them.

The Dyrhólaey cliffs and the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach are located just a few kilometers from each other. Only the pitch black sand lies between the two. These awe-inspiring sites have basalt columns, dramatic sea stacks, and a huge coastal cave. The cliffs are home for plenty of nesting birds colonies, like Atlantic Puffins. It’s no wonder it was ranked one of the top 10 most beautiful non-tropical beaches around the world.

Not far from here, but still in the black beach area, lies the charming little village of Vík. Here you can shop and have good lunch while admiring the magnificent views of the curious sea stacks on the black beach.

Take a hike.. on a Glacier!

One of Iceland’s most characteristic glaciers is found in this area. Mýrdalsjökull is a 600 square kilometer ice cap with some very picturesque glacier tongues that are easy to access. On this tour, you will meet a professional glacier guide and go for a glacier walk up to the Sólheimajökull glacier. These might be the most exciting moments of your entire Iceland adventure!

Then it’s back to your hotel in the capital region after a long day of adventures. After your long day, you will head back to the Reykjavík via the same road that brought you.

glacier hike self drive tour iceland

Glacier Hiking = super fun!

Day 3 - Golden Circle Tour & Snorkeling between the continents

Þingvellir National Park. Snorkeling adventure in the Silfra fissure. Geysir geothermal area. Gullfoss waterfall. Faxi waterfall. Kerið volcanic crater.

On your third day, you will visit the most popular tourist route in Iceland, the famous Golden Circle. The reason for its fame is that the route features some incredibly inspiring locations with abundant history and unique geological wonders.

The first stop is the Thingvellir National Park, which is a UNESCO heritage site. This is the place where the Eurasian and North-American tectonic plates meet and move apart. Here you will have the chance to walk between two continents!

Snorkel in Glacial Water, the Clearest in the World

You will also be able to snorkel here, in the clearest water on Earth! Silfra is a newly opened fissure between the two tectonic plates. It is located in the Thingvellir park. The rift appeared after a major earthquake in 1789 and got filled up with glacial water.

The meltwater from Iceland’s second largest glacier travels 30 to 100 years and 50 kilometers (31 miles) through the lava field. This is the finest natural filtration method on the planet!

The water is so clear that it feels like you are flying rather than swimming! The most popular diving sites around the world have only 30 to 45 meters of visibility. These sites are within the “best underwater visibility in the world” category. But the underwater visibility at Silfra exceeds 100 meters (328 feet)!  Silfra is no doubt the best diving and snorkeling spot in the world!

Geysers and More Waterfalls

The next stop after your snorkeling adventures is a fierce geothermal field. The famous Strokkur geyser will provide plenty of entertainment as it erupts every five to eight minutes. The blow sometimes reaches a height of 40 meters, although it normally blows up to 10-20 meters.

Another impressive highlight on the Golden Circle is the powerful Gullfoss Waterfall. The water cascades down two huge steps (11 and 22 meters) and descends into a deep gorge. In the summertime, you can walk up very close to the fall and feel the spray on your face. On sunny days, a rainbow is very likely to show up!

After you’ve visited all the places that we suggested in our travel guide, make your way back to the Reykjavík.

geysir geothermal iceland

Visit Geysir geothermal area on the Golden Circle

Day 4 - Explore the capital! Reykjavík city break

If your flight is early, you can head straight to the airport. If you have some time left before your flight, go and explore the capital city of Iceland.

Here are some local treasures of the area where the majority of Icelanders live and spend most of their time:

The tip of Seltjarnarnes peninsula is a beautiful birds reserve and the location of the Grótta lighthouse. There is also a tiny hot spring nearby. Soak your feet and admire the beautiful view of the Esja mountain and the sea!

The Reykjavík Botanical Gardens and Zoo also deserve a visit if you have the time. Get to know the Icelandic flora and fauna, meet the seals and arctic foxes, and have a delicious cake in the greenhouse café!

Alternatively, try one of the amazing and cheap geothermal swimming pools... there are plenty of them in Reykjavík. You won’t be sorry you gave them a shot.

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

As for the Northern Lights, you have the best chance to catch this phenomenon in the winter months, between October and March. During this time of the year, the nights are dark and long enough to see the lights if the skies are clear.

With some luck, it is also possible to spot them from late August to late April. In summer, however, the northern light will be there but the nights are so bright we are just not able to see them. Instead, we have the “Midnight Sun,” which makes it possible to travel during the night in full brightness with beautiful sunset and sunrise colors all night long!

Finally, at the end of your trip, drop off your rental car at KEF airport before your flight.

Book your trip now and enjoy the majestic natural beauty of an Icelandic holiday! The waterfalls, glaciers, beaches, geysers and more are right here, waiting for you!