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North Iceland - Sightseeing Tours

Scheduled Sightseeing Day Tours in North Iceland

Most of the tours depart from Akureyri city or from lake Myvatn. But for some of the tours you can meet on location, suitable for those on self drive tours. A sightseeing flight from Reykjavik is also possible.
  • North Iceland
    whale watching north iceland

    Whale Watching Tour - North Iceland

    Located in North Iceland - Dalvik village

    This tour offers you a once in a life time opportunity to come face to face with the majestic humpback whale: one of the greatest animals on the face of the planet. We often see other beautiful marine creatures such as: white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, the small harbor porpoises and if you are really lucky, you may even see the largest animal to ever exist: the magnificent Blue Whale.

    ~3 hours
    Feb - Nov
  • North Iceland
    Rib boat whale watching

    Whale Watching on a Rib Boat

    Powerful boat - From Dalvik village - North Iceland

    On this tour you will get the exhilarating feeling of riding a Rib boat, as we go in search of some of the most incredible creatures on the planet: whales! The chance to see these majestic creatures in the flesh is something that you won’t want to miss: so book this whale watching trip, we promise that it will be the experience of a lifetime!

    ~1.5 hours
    Jun - Oct
  • Explore Lofthellir Lava Cave

    Explore an underground world of ice wonders

    In this tour you will visit the Lofthellir cave, located in north Iceland, and discover the natural ice wonders it hides. We make a short stop in the village of Reykjahlid by Lake Myvatn before returning to Akureyri.

    4-8 hours
    May - Oct
  • Waterfall Dettifoss Off-Season Tour

    Departures from Akureyri, or from lake Myvatn

    The power of nature can be seen in all its glory at the mighty Dettifoss, one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. With the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe, this truly is nature at its most spectacular.

    6 or 9 hours
    Oct - Jun
  • Askja Caldera Tour - Crater Duet

    The lunar landscape of the highlands

    Askja is one of the most desolate places on the planet. It is a stratovolcano located in moon-like lava desert landscape of nothing but lava rocks. There is a lake inside the huge crater where the temperature is suitable for swimming. This really is a wonderful and unique place to enjoy a swim.

    ~13 hours
    June- Oct
  • West Glacial River - Rafting in the North

    Rafting down the magnificent canyon of West River

    This is the perfect half-day trip for anyone who wants a safe adventure amongst some stunning natural scenery. It will take you rafting in Iceland’s majestic Jökulsárgljúfur or West Glacial River: home to some unique geology, bubbling hot springs and impressive rapids.

    3 hours
    May - Sep
  • East Glacial River - Rafting in the North

    Rafting down the magnificent canyon of East River

    ‘The Beast of the East’ is a pulsating, adrenaline rush from start to finish and is the most action packed trip that we offer. On it we will raft down the raging waters of the East Glacial River (Austari-Jökulsá), which combines stunning scenery and a relentless supply of exhilarating white water. It is perfect for adrenaline junkies and is considered by many to be Europe’s best rafting river.

    7 hours
    May - Sep
  • Myvatn and its surroundings – Airplane Sightseeing

    Enjoy a bird view of the amazing Myvatn area

    This tour gives you the chance to discover the wonders of the Nature as you will fly over Lake Myvatn and its surroundings. Join us on this tour and experience the Myvatn area in another way!

    20 min
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Traditional Husavik Whale Watching - Arctic Ocean

    The experience of a lifetime in North Iceland

    Experience the traditional tour from Husavik as we sail in the Arctic Ocean, considered by many as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe. It is a unique adventure at sea - watching the wonders of nature, sheltered by stunning mountains.

    ~3 hours
    Apr -Oct
  • Askja and Vatnajokull – Airplane Tour

    One of our most popular tours!

    Join us in that amazing tour and you will get the chance to discover some stunning places such as Myvatn Lake, Askja volcano, Dyngjujokull glacier, Kverkfjoll Mountain, Herdubreid volcano and the caldera of Krafla.

    1.5 hours
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Super Tour – Airplane Sightseeing

    A very varied moon-like landscape, seen from the sky!

    Join our fantastic airplane tour to discover the landscape of Iceland as you never seen it before: from the sky! This tour gives you the chance to discover many places of Iceland with their stunning scenery.

    2 hours
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Arctic Circle Sightseeing Flight – Airplane Tour

    Discover the wonderful Grimsey Island!

    This tour gives you the opportunity to fly to Grimsey Island, located in the North of Iceland. You will discover the island's amazing landscapes as well as the scenery over the surroundings of Myvatn and the Krafla area.

    2 hours
    May 15 - Sep 20
  • Bird Watching in Flatey - Boat Tour in the Arctic Ocean

    Sailing tour from Húsavík to Flatey "The Other"

    Flatey Island is a natural haven for birdlife and is extremely rich and diverse. It therefore attracts many people and tourists each year. Come and discover puffins, Arctic Terns, Cormorants, Fulmars and many more.

    4-5 hours
    Jun - Aug
  • Lake Myvatn Classic - Minibus Tour

    Enjoy the stunning views in the Lake Myvatn area

    Enjoy an amazing journey by minibus through this area of extreme contrasts, bird life, flora, geothermal activity, geology and places which were settings for the Icelandic Sagas. Lake Myvatn is considered by many to be the most beautiful place in Iceland.

    8-9 hours
    All year
  • Northern Lights Tour from Akureyri

    Frozen nights, dreams & mystery

    If you're visiting the 'capital' of north Iceland, Akureyri, in the winter time, you might be interested in a northern lights tour. This is a very good area for spotting the aurora, and we wish you the best of luck!

    2-3 hours
    Sep 1 - Apr 15
  • The Diamond Circle Classic

    From Akureyri

    It is said that after seeing Dettifoss, up close and personal, you will never be the same. It domains over its surrounds and roars with the power possessed by mother Nature. Enjoy this magnificent day tour to the jewels of the north.

    10-11 hours
    Jun 16 - Sep 30