3 Day Jokulsarlon, Golden Circle and Ice Caving Tour - EI40

South Coast of Iceland - Glacier Hiking - Ice Caving - Northern Lights Tour

All-in-one package tour: This 3-day winter tour along the South Coast has it all! Stunning landscapes, the Golden Circle, glacier hiking, ice caves, the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and northern lights watching. On the way we see waterfalls, volcanoes, floating icebergs, cliffs, black sand beaches, geysers, hot springs and so much more.

Duration: 3 days

Pick-up: 09:00 - 09:30

Group maximum: 18 persons

Available: Oct-Apr

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • The Golden Circle - Gullfoss, Geysir & Thingvellir
  • The two waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss
  • Skaftafell nature reserve
  • Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Ice caving tour
  • Glacier hike
  • The Black sand beach Reynisfjara
  • Northern lights search
  • Small group experience
  • Vatnajokull National Park

Drop-off information: We drop you off at your hotel sometime between 20:00 - 23:00 on day three, depending on weather and road conditions.

Included: Reykjavik pick-up & drop-off, minibus tour, English guidance, country hotel accommodation with breakfast (2 nights), glacier hiking equipment, super jeep ride for some km, specialized guide to ice cave, and northern lights (depending on conditions).

Bring with you: Warm clothes, waterproof jacket and pants, and sturdy hiking boots (essential to fit the crampons). Hiking boots can be rented beforehand or on location for the glacier hike part of the tour.  Spikes that fit over shoes to provide extra grip on the ice are recommended for the sightseeing part of the tour. 

Ice Cave Info: Our main cave is "Crystal Ice Cave", but if it is inaccessible we will visit another cave. During the summer months (Apr-Oct), we go to the Katla Ice Cave. If it is inaccessible, we do a glacier hike instead.

Contact us: If you have a question about this tour you can use the contact form here below.
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Footage from Jokulsarlon 3 day tour

Pictures of the Ice Cave under the Glacier

Pictures of Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Our Accommodation During the Tour

88 750 per adult

A single room costs extra

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"The 3-Day tour with Extreme Iceland is the best deal! Overall, we found the whole trip was worth for money and the schedule is packed with variety of sight-seeing places."

Tour Description

blue ice cave crystal

Visit an ice cave and experience the blue ice

Day 1 - Golden Circle, South Coast

Fortunately, there's a degree of flexibility in this tour. The weather in Iceland is ever changing and we want to ensure that your traveling experience will be optimal. Your guide will therefore decide how it's best to operate the tour each time.

We begin on the Golden Circle and the first stop is Thingvellir National Park. Here Iceland’s first parliament was founded in the year 930 AD and here Europe and North-America meet in a stunning landscape. Thingvellir has a place in every Icelander's heart, the beauty of the place and the country's history. But the geologic history is well known and the natural wonders of Thingvellir are visible in every step.

glacier hike skaftafell

Glacier hiking in Skaftafell Nature Reserve

Our next highlight is the Geysir hot spring area. It is from the Icelandic word "Geysir" that the English word "geyser" (a spouting hot spring) is derived. You can walk through the area and admire the geyser Strokkur burst into the air every 5-7 minutes, so have your camera ready.

Gullfoss waterfall (the Golden waterfall) is next on our agenda. It flows down the river Hvítá – coming from Langjökull glacier – in several huge "steps".

Along the way we will have a view over Hekla volcano and eastbound where our next stop will be at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Enjoy the 18-story high waterfall from the other side – without getting wet – not many waterfalls in the world that you can admire from two sides, front and back!

skogafoss waterfall winter

Skógafoss Waterfall plunges 18-stories

Skógafoss waterfall, with glacier water streaming from Eyjafjallajökull catches our eyes at first glimpse. This majestic waterfall is one of the most visited sites in Iceland and for a good reason. Skógafoss is enchanting in a way that can only be experienced at first hand. Legend says that a treasure is buried behind it and in spite of locals finding the chest they could not take it with them before it disappeared again.

Reynisfjara is the name of the famous black sand beach. Here you can get up close and personal with the Atlantic ocean, but be aware of the powerful waves that can sweep you of your feet if you go too close – do not turn your back to the sea. In Reynisfjara beach you encounter beautiful basalt columns on the sand and have a great view of the magnificent basalt pillars Reynisdrangar, rising from the sea.

jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

Floating icebergs at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

We pass Vík and we will be staying overnight at a nice country hotel nearby.. Your guide will check out the aurora forecast for the evening and be on the lookout for northern lights if there is a clear sky around the accommodation.

Day 2 - Sightseeing & Ice Cave

If you're interested in geology and volcanic eruptions you should definitely listen to your guide, since he's full of knowledge and eager share with you! Today we see a giant lava field as we drive. It was formed from the largest volume lava flow from a single eruption on earth in historic times. We'll witness the instability of the glacial rivers when we cross the long bridges over enormous sand plains, the debris of glacial floods past and present.

icelandic seal glacier lake

A handsome bald seal, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

Depending on conditions and accessibility, we will either take a short hike on a glacier to reach our ice cave, or we will ride there via a super jeep. Our expert guide is a highly qualified mountain guide, and ice cave specialist. It's in his hands to decide each time which cave is best to visit depending on weather conditions and other issues. Sometimes the caves are very special, sometimes not as special, but become very special in the right light and conditions. Also, your guide will sometimes pick an ice cave that combines the glacier hiking and ice caving activities, it all depends on the unpredictable conditions of Icelandic nature!

Your hiking shoes will come in handy now, since there's some hike to the cave. You'll need to wear water resistant hiking shoes that cover your ankle. This is not the time to wear city leather boots!

We stay inside the ice cave for a while and it's cold inside. Your winter hat should not be too bulky though, as it needs to fit under the helmet.

cave reynisfjara beach

At a black sand beach called Reynisfjara

After being inside the glacier itself, it is time to continue to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon where we'll make a stop. It's a really deep lagoon, some 75 stories below the surface. Then you know what the expression means, "the tip of the iceberg". The lagoon is particularly beautiful in low light. We will also keep an eye out for seals, that are often swimming in the glacier lagoon or chilling on the icebergs. We'll admire the icebergs' proportions and their hues of blue. Please take care not to walk out on the frozen lagoon as the ice can easily twist.

We will make a short stop at the amazing Diamond Beach (also called The Crystal Beach), which is a beach by Jokuslarlon Glacier Lagoon. Here you can see big chunks of decades old glacier ice that has washed up on shore after being polished and played with for a while in the surf. The black sandy beach sometimes sticks to the glassy surface of the icebergs, which only adds to their beauty as they lie upon the shore. This place is truly magical!

We will arrive at our hotel to relax and unwind after the day. Again we will check for the northern lights in the evening if the sky is clear and the aurora forecast shows activity.

But why is the ice so blue?

The color and transparency of the ice caves has everything to do with time, pressure, and secrecy.

As the glacier travels and winds its way down the slopes of mountain ridges, the air bubbles trapped in the ice are squeezed out, and the size of the ice crystals increases, making it clear. The real beauty of the centuries old compressed ice lies underneath the damaged outer surface.

This intense blue color can be seen for example in ice caves and on floating icebergs that reveal their lower side when they have recently rolled over or split in two.


jewels diamond beach south iceland

The northern lights and jewels on the Diamond Beach

Day 3 - Skaftafell Glacier Hike & Sightseeing

Today we take a 1-2 hour glacier hike in Skaftafell Nature Reserve. There's no need to be in a particular good shape for this activity, but we urge you to dress warmly. You'll have crampons and axes for support. Please follow the instructions of your experienced guide - the glaciers are ever changing and wandering off by yourself is dangerous. This new hiking adventure is worth every second of the tour.

An added bonus visit to the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon will be added to this already amazing tour when the roads leading up to it are clear and the area is open to the public. Nature there is very fragile and the area is sometimes closed off to conserve it.

cozy country hotel south iceland

A room at one of the Country Hotels

We drop you off in Reykjavik in the evening of the third day between 17-19 (5-7pm). We hope you've had a great time and that the memories of this tour will stay with you forever! :)

south coast tour iceland fjadrargljufur

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

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Jokulsarlon three days - Rated 4.9/5 based on 33 customer reviews


5 by Verified customer 2017-02-20
We really enjoyed the tour,spectacular scenery.

Fantastic tour & guide

5 by Verified customer 2017-02-24
Our guide ash was awesome. And athor on the glacier was great. We love these guys. They make Iceland.

Diddy was great

5 by Verified customer 2017-02-24
Both tours were fantastic!!! Diddy was a great tour guide for our private tour and we had a wonderful experience. Diddy gave us an awesome Glacier hike which made us extremely happy. Our small group super jeep tour to Landmannagluer was great. Atli is a fabulous driver and we always felt completely safe is his hands. We loved the variety of this tour and going to ""extreme"" places. We enjoyed moving to the a different hut the 2nd night so we got to do and see different things. We loved the snowmobiling. We were glad it turned out to be more ""active"" than originally planned. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if we were just ""relaxing"" in the first hut most of the time. I wanted an ""action-packed"" extreme tour. And after a week looking at the clouds in the night skies, we finally saw the Northern Lights on the very last night. It was so nice that Arni took photos so we could remember it as our cameras didn't have longer exposure times. Great time was had by all.

Very good

5 by Verified customer 2017-02-24
It was a very good tour!!

Good Iceland tour

5 by Verified customer 2017-02-26
Tour guide was excellent, David took us to some amazing places because we weren't able to do the Ice Caving. Very happy overall.

Above & Beyond

5 by Verified customer 2017-02-27
Egill was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, kind and funny. He is an excellent tour guide for a beautiful country! He went above and beyond our expectations and we would love to return for another tour someday! We will definitely recommend Extreme Iceland to our friends here in the US

Great 3 day tour

5 by Verified customer 2017-03-03
Magnus was a fantastic guide - so entertaining and great dark humour. We really enjoyed the stories and information on the landscape and the extra stops that we had. I would not hesitate to recommend Extreme Iceland to visitors hoping to cover a lot of ground and experiences in a fun and well organised way.

Guide made the tour!

5 by Verified customer 2017-03-03
Our driver / guide 'Pablo' was excellent. He made every effort for us to get the maximum out of the tour. He conscientiously organised our days so we saw and experienced every aspect possible. He's what made the tour the successful holiday it was for us. Many many thanks indeed. Kind regards, Anita & Steve Wainwright (Lincoln UK) (Another friend of ours has already booked on our recommendation.)

Definitely recommend

5 by Verified customer 2017-03-03
Ricky was an amazing guide. He was fun but also kept us safe despite the winter storm watch. We were lucky to have a lot things to right with the ice cave and glacier, but Ricky also planned things in a logical way and made sure we could hit every spot in the tour possible at some point. He even helped us point out the northern lights, which me and my husband were able to see even clearer later that night (the only clear night we were in Iceland). For the ice cave and the glacier we also had exceptional and knowledgeable guides and we always felt that safety was the number one priority (including wearing helmets when other companies didn't, something I'd rather do to be safe than sorry!) Overall the tour was amazing, safe, and professional. Our accommodations both nights were even better than our hotel in Reykjavik and the food was amazing. We will definitely recommend this tour and Ricky especially to anyone going to Iceland especiallly in the winter.


5 by Verified customer 2017-03-14
In general the tour was amazing!! I really like all activities, conditions and facilities that extreme Iceland provided. was a excellent tour

Many thanks

5 by Verified customer 2017-03-14
Tour was excellent!! I really like all activities, facilities and local tour guides that I met.

Will recommend Extreme Iceland

5 by Verified customer 2017-03-29
We had an absolutely lovely time at the 3 day golden circle, ice cave and glacier tour. Everything was a highlight, everything! We cannot thank our driver and guide Siggi enough, he was so knowledgeable, considerate, and professional with an attention to detail. Thank your company so much for showing us a beautiful Iceland. We are extremely grateful that we chose to travel with you and we will recommend your company to all our family and friends!

Siggy is awesome!!

5 by Verified customer 2017-04-02
Our guide Siggy was perhaps the most interesting and knowledgeable person we have ever me. He made the trip by far. His constant information, spirit and humor made us fall in love with Iceland and it's people. We hope to come back many times in the future. Thank you Siggy.


5 by Verified customer 2017-04-04
Our tour guide Hawk was brilliant. He had great knowledge of the country and kept us updated with facts during the tour. He helped make our first trip to Iceland an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the northern lights, but he tried his best to look out for them and continually checked the forecasts. Hopefully we will return to Iceland and see them next time. Overall, wonderful trip thanks to extreme Iceland.

Best guide

5 by Verified customer 2018-02-01
Our guide FIFA is so nice and knowledgeable about Iceland.She arranged our trip very well when some situations was unexpected happen, especially drived well in snow day. Overall even the weather was not good to see NorthernLights, this trip still makes me happy. Thank you all of Adventures.

This was a very well organised and enjoyable tour

5 by Neal 2018-01-25
Our tour guide Ollie was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure we all got the most from it. Thank you

Amazing experience!

5 by Noor 2018-01-27
Highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to explore the south coast without getting the nerves driving around in the brutal Icelandic winter. Our tour guide, Freeman, in particular was absolutely amazing! Thanks heaps for making the trip so much more memorable!

Our guide Freeman was great

5 by Jim 2018-01-28
When weather interrupted our itinerary, he adapted and moved things around so we had a full and great trip.

Our tour guide Adolf was excellent.

5 by Jennie Braun 2018-01-28
He was very knowledgeable about Iceland's history and culture. He was also extremely flexible and was able to make the most out of each day given the temperamental weather conditions. We would definitely do another excursion with him in the future.

The most magical adventure I've had thus far!

5 by Alex 2018-10-16
I've traveled a lot in my life so far and plan to continue. But this tour in particular has inspired me to take more adventurous types of trips while I'm young! It was the most amazing experience and Norris was awesome! He knows everything there is to know about Iceland and he's great at helping you pronounce Icelandic words too! I would totally do another multiday tour with Extreme Iceland. It was truly the best money I've ever spent!

October 21-23rd Tour

5 by Liz 2018-10-21
We just got back from the 3 day ice caving and glacier tour. I can’t say enough good things about this tour! Our guide Adolf was so knowledgeable and made the tour enjoyable. The scenery was incredible and the tour was perfectly paced. Perfect way for us to explore the south coast.


5 by Yu-Chen 2018-10-23
I joined a 3-day tour for Jökulsárlón.This tour is amazing! Our guide is nice. All I want to see in Iceland, this tour covers all! I love Iceland, I’ll definitely visit this beautiful country in the future.

Nice Tour Guide

4 by Sumina 2018-10-25
No wonder why every stop was quite rush as the itinerary is quite full with lots of worth going spots in Iceland. Every places were so beautiful which makes you want to stay longer to enjoy and view and take enough amount of nice shots. The tour is worth joining especially for people who comes to Iceland for their first time with loads of interested places to go but no way to make through and planned by themselves. Our tour guide Emily was a great one, being always energetic, and full of exploration experience to share with us her adventures in Iceland, and knowledgeable to share all the histories, myths, beliefs, and all other things about Iceland to us. It was a nice experience to be with her for the whole tour. Would definitely recommend friends to consider joining this tour for their Iceland trip

3 day South coast

4 by Megan 2018-10-26
Views were spectacular! Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I only wish we weren't rushed through the locations so quickly. Usually only got to spend 25-30 minutes at each location after hours of driving. Still incredible.

Great Experience!

4 by Ming 2018-10-28
We joined the 3 Day - Golden Circle, South Coast, Jökulsárlón & Ice Cave tour in October. Every place visited were great experience to us. The guide was very professional and funny. He gave us many information around Iceland during the trip. Due the very strong wind, the glacier hiking was cancelled. And also because of cloudy weather, the northern light was unable to see. Beside these, the ice caving was wonderful! It was really stunning! We really miss this after the trip. Other place like "Foss", Geysir, black beach, glacier lagoon etc were also lovely! However, each place have around 30-45min to enjoy which were a bit short for photographing lover. Overall, the tour was really great and i would definitely join next time! Thanks!

3 Day Golden Circle South Coast Tour

5 by Hieu 2018-11-01
This tour was a great sample of the amazing sights that Iceland had to offer. Our tour guide Diddi was extremely knowledgeable and gave us a running commentary during the long drives which made it seem shorter. All the stops were timed very well that gave us enough time to walk around and explore the sights without feeling rushed. The glacier hike was the definitely the highlight of the tour. The one let down was the ice cave which was very dissapointing. This was prob only 20m long and very brief just walk in and out and not like the big ones shown on the pictures. The journey there on the 4WD was certainly fun though. All in all I think this a good value starter tour to get a nice taste of what Iceland had to offer and I would definitely come back!

Excellent tour with brilliant guide

5 by Lindsay 2018-11-09
We did a three day tour of the golden circle and south coast with extreme Iceland and it was absolutely fantastic. The tour was a great balance of packing a lot in and seeing a lot of the beautiful country without it feeling too rushed. Our tour guide, Holly, was brilliant! She had great knowledge and her love for Iceland came through. She added touches to the tour and adapted it for the group. Have already recommended the tour to several friends. The weather being beautiful made it even better.... something we know not everyone experiences when visiting Iceland!

Personal view

4 by Lum 2018-11-09
Hi Just like to say the tour started off badly. On my form we were told to meet at bus stop 10 for pick up at 8 am and could be up to half an hour. However the van did nor arrive till 950 thus we had to stand in the cold for nearly 2 hours. The driver/ guide said that the pick up was from 9. We rang the office at 910 but they were dismissive saying we could either wait or do something else. And stated that pick up was from 9. Even though my documentation said 8. The guide made a note and said he would follow it up but no feedback to date. The trip however was superb.Well organise and on time and disciplined and the places we went to were a good mix of things to see and do. Loved it. Places we stayed were clean and basic . The bus even though modern was a bit cramp between seats - try it yourself and I and not a big guy.

Comprehensive view of Iceland

5 by Sarah 2018-11-14
I would highly recommend this tour! It was nice to relax on the bus and put the stress of planning a vacation in the hands of Icelandic professionals. The transportation and hotels for accommodation was comfortable. We hit all the must see locations on the southern coast, and our guide even pulled aside to see a few extra! Alvaro was a great guide! He has lived in Iceland for 8 years and is very knowledgable. Would be nice to hire additional Icelandic natives though!

Great Tour and Experience

5 by Miri and Waldo 2018-12-01
This is a great tour for someone that has limited time and wants to experience some of the best there is in Iceland. We enjoyed every stop, the accommodations were excellent, our tour guide (Zaho) was awesome, and the food was great. I am really happy with our choice and can’t wait to be back in Iceland !!!

3 day south coast tour

5 by Monica 2018-12-03
Tour guide Olaf was nothing short of amazing! The whole tour went smooth and we all had an awesome time together. A group of 12 people from all over the world joining together to experience the beauty that Iceland has to offer.

Great tour

5 by Pawika 2018-12-13
I think it’s great 3 days trip. Overall is good. I love it. I go during winter season with short time of day light, the guide can help to manage time to get us through all the places (just sad that each place , we can get a short time to explore but I understand ) I think it’s worth value for money!

Amazing Tour!

5 by Kristina 2018-12-17
My boyfriend and I booked this trip and weren't sure what to expect, but we were blown away! We had a short amount of time to do everything. We booked a tour in November, which only gave us a little over 5 hours of daylight in which to see everything. But we were able to do it all. The golden circle, the super jeep on the glacier to the ice cave, hiking ON a glacier! It was all amazing. Our tour guide, Johann (not sure I'm spelling that right) was awesome, too. He was very informative and super funny. My only criticism would be that it was unclear to me via the booking that Extreme Island and Arctic Adventures are the same, so the bus picking you up will probably say Arctic Adventures and not ""Extreme Iceland."" I was so worried that we had missed our bus for pickup (fortunately, we hadn't). Otherwise, everything was great from sights to tour guide to accommodation. I would HIGHLY recommend booking a tour with Extreme Iceland. Unless you're a pro level mountaineer, you'll get to see sights that you never dreamed you would. 10/10, would book with Extreme Iceland again
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Disclaimer: Due to weather and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between days. Our guides evaluate circumstances and take the best informed decision possible.
Glacier trips are undertaken at the responsibility of the participants. Extreme Iceland does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers. It can happen that the glacier hike and/or ice caving tour is cancelled because of weather and/or safety reasons. Then we will find other activities when possible, and refund the cost of the cancelled activity.