National Day in Iceland - 17th of June

On the 17th of June Iceland celebrates its National Day. It is the day when they became independent in 1944. Before it was ruled under the Danish crown for a long time. Most of the families spend this day downtown as there is a little parade and a lot of entertainment for children going on.

Iceland's National Day balloons

The whole city is decorated with Icelandic flags and most shop-windows show the colors of Iceland: Red, white and blue. Red stands for fire, white for ice and blue for the water. Everyone seems to be in a very good mood. When you are walking through the city that day you will be suprised how many children you see. According to the statistics of indexmundi 20.2% of the Icelandic population is not older than 14 years, compared with only 13.2% of this age group in the German population.



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