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Iceland - where man crosses the paths of the elves

February 19, 2012

Imagine you travel alone. You haven‘t seen an human being for days and you cannot even remember when you spoke the last word. There is only wideness and unreal appearing coloured mountains around you.

Land of elves and mountains

Every now and then you hear a grumbling in the distance. Probably a big superjeep driving over the rough gravel road, or maybe it‘s even Hekla, preparing for her next eruption that could, concerning the time calculation, happen every minute.

Right now, there‘s only black sand around you. From time to time you see a shade of grass or one of those purple flowers, who are brave enough to look out of the black lava ground.

After a short while the street makes a sharp left turn and what it reveals you after that is just stunningly breathtaking. An huge plane storied with a blandly rising rock formation landscape, with colours so bright and shiny like you‘ve never seen them in any paint-box of the world.

It‘s like standing on a hill with a view that almost kills. No picture can capture the beauty and there are no words to express the sensation of seeing the breathtaking scenery of Landmannalaugar the first time.
This is the moment when you realize that you‘ve traveled to a country that is actually ruled by elves and other overnatural beings. The fog is their breath they exhale and the red and green and purple shades on the top of the mountains are their lovingly built flower gardens.

Landmannalaugar is the location where their enchanting paths cross our world. A silent invitation to their kingdom. An oasis in the middle of nowhere.

It‘s no surprise to understand why 50% of the icelandic population believes in elves and about 90% does not doubt their existence. There is a kind of charm over Landmannalaugar that without any doubt has some supernatural influence.

The best would be to stay there for a few days, enjoy the nature and listening to only one song the whole day: Hakuna Matata. We take you there in one of our Super Jeeps. Just write us a short message or call us.