Driving a rental car in Iceland - 5 things to keep in mind

Information for those who have a rental car

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March 19, 2016

Driving around Iceland in a rental car with your friends or family, can be an amazing way to discover the diversity of Iceland‘s often magical nature. You can take as much time as you like in every place and don‘t have to follow some predetermened schedules, you can do whatever you like, almost. There are still few things you should keep in mind when driving by yourself here in Iceland:

1. Icy Roads

During winter time (and sometimes autumn and spring as well) the roads can get quite slippery do to frost.

The road to nowhere with snow and mountains

2. Single lane bridges

We have a lot of them and cars cannot pass each other on those bridges. So be awake and make sure to notice them.

Icy bridges over snow

3. Closed or no Roads

When there aren‘t any roads, do not go there by car. Off road driving is a big problem here in Iceland. Where there isn‘t a road, there‘s a reason. Respect the nature, it‘s sensitive.

Crossing mountain rivers in jeeps

4. Conditions of Roads aren‘t always great

Some roads you can end up on aren‘t sealed, unpaved gravel roads. They are okay, but you should definitely slow down, drive like a turtle and enjoy the view.

Navigating tricky mountain roads in a jeep

5. Make sure to fill the tank

Some locations are far, far away from gas stations, so make sure you fill up the car before you get going.

Gas station in the dark