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Important information about Winter Tours

The weather controls a lot

May 25, 2015

During the shorter December and January days our guides must keep to a tight schedule to make the most of each tour. Sometimes certain stops will be short.


During the shorter December and January days our guides must keep to a tight schedule to make the most of each tour. Sometimes certain stops will be short but this will help you see each sight during daylight whenever possible. Longer hours of darkness do mean, however, that there are better chances to see the Northern Lights once it is dark!

Northern Lights:

The Northern Lights are an extraordinary natural phenomena, and as such viewing circumstances are subject to conditions at the discretion of the natural environment. Our guides are experts at monitoring weather conditions and seeking out opportunities to maximize the chances of seeing the lights. However, no guarantees can be made about such an occurrence. It is important to appreciate the mystery and understand that entering into the spirit of seeking the lights is magical. Leave your expectations behind and embrace the wonder.


Icelandic weather is notoriously changeable. Poor road conditions require careful driving and changing snow and ice conditions at tour attractions mean your Guide must make on-the- spot safety assessments. It is your guide's responsibility to advise all clients about what is possible at each location. Instructions given by your Guide must be followed in the interest of your own safety.

Our car fleet:

Our fleet consists of minibuses and super jeeps which are specially chosen for Icelandic weather conditions. Our priority is getting you between places (which can actually be a big challenge during Icelandic winter time) in a fun and informative way and never in too big groups as we always want to give excellent and personal service.


All guests participating in Glacier activities do so under their own responsibility. Although Extreme Iceland takes all necessary precautions to ensure guests´ safety during all activities, the company cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage arising from negligence or failure to follow Guide´s instructions during the tour. By purchasing an Extreme Iceland tour you agree to follow all instructions when asked to do so by your Guide. Occasionally glacier hikes and/or ice caving tours can be cancelled due to poor weather and/or other safety reasons. In the event of an activity being cancelled we will try to replace it with another activity when possible, and refund the cost of the cancelled part of the tour.

Ice caves:

Ice caving is something you won‘t get the opportunity to experience often. It is truly amazing but due to its popularity and the rarity of the caves they tend to get quite busy in the short time they are open over the year. Every winter the ice caves form in the glaciers in Iceland as they melt away in the summer time. Conditions have to be perfect for it to be safe to enter these uniqueness wonders. To be on the safe side the caving part will be cancelled if circumstances are not right.

Clothing Required:

The weather in Iceland is ever changing and winters can be very cold (we get a lot of rain and snow but also some very strong winds at times). It is very important to dress accordingly.

  • Hiking Boots (over ankle)*
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Warm Hat, Gloves and Scarf
  • Wool or Fleece Sweater
  • Thermal Base layers (preferably wool, no cotton)
  • NO jeans or trainers/sneakers/athletic shoes.


Good hiking boots are needed for most of our tours. If you do not have these, then they are available for rent from us. Please state your size when booking your tour.