10 tallest waterfalls in Iceland

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July 3, 2015

  1. Morsi in Morsa river in Morsarjokull glaicer, about 240 meters high
  2. Glymur in Botnsa river, about 196 meters high
  3. Stigafoss in Stiga river in Fossagil canyon (east of Hnappavellir), 138 meters high
  4. Hengifoss in Hengifossa river, about 128 meters high
  5. Haifoss in Fossa river, about 120 meters high
  6. Strutsfoss in Strutsa river, (in the southern part of Fljotsdalur), about 120 meters high
  7. Hangandifoss in Fosslaekur river (Mulagljufur canyon around Kvisker), about 117 meters high
  8. Migandi in the eastern part of Olafsfjardarmuli mountain, about 100 meters high
  9. Granni in Fossa river, around 100 meters high
  10. Dynjandi, (Fjallfoss), about 99 meters high