10 of Iceland´s longest lava tube caves


Ten Longest Lava Tube Caves in Iceland



Laufbalavatn lava tube system, around 5012 meters long


Surts-, Stefans- og Hulduhellir lava tube system, probably well over 5000 meters long


Kalmanshellir lava tube system, around 4012 meters long


Surtshellir-Stefanshellir lava tube system, around 3490 meters long


Surtshellir lava tube, around 1970 meters long


Idrafossar lava tube, around 1913 meters long


Vidgelmir lava tube, around 1584 meters long


Stefanshellir lava tube, around 1520 meters long


Hulduhellir lava tube, probably over 1500 meters long


Raufarholshellir lava tube, about 1360 meters long


Volundur lava tube, around 1108 meters long


Vorduhellir-Litli-Bjorn lava tubes, around 1100 meters long


Floki lava tube, about 1096 meters long


Buri lava tube, around 1025 meters long


Langiþrongur, um 1000 metrar


Flodhellir, um 982 metrar


Blami, um 913 metrar



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