Hotel Laugarbakki

Hotel Laugarbakki in the Northwestern Region

Lovely Hotel Laugarbakki is an ideal stay for those who want the real Icelandic countryside experience. Hotel Laugarbakki used to be an old school but now it has been renovated into a stunning Hotel. Beautiful quiet setting and scenery.

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What's Around:

  • Icelandic Seal Center Museum
  • Chapel at Groef
  • Kolufossar Falls
  • Borgarviki
  • Hvitserkur
  • Thingeyri
  • Blonduos Church
19 332 per night

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Skeggjagata 1, Laugarbakki, Hvammstangi, 535, Iceland

10 km from Hvammstangi

56 rooms

Check In: 24-hours

Check Out: From 08:00 - 11:00