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Being able to travel at your own pace can be a top priority, especially if you are travelling with your family or friends

Jolly folks driving round the whole island

Why not just hire a car? Viking Car Rental is an Icelandic car hire service which will fulfill all of your rental vehicle needs whilst you are travelling in Iceland. Feel the complete freedom which hiring a good car and driving around the land of ice and fire will give you.

You can also rent a GPS navigation devices or a safety seat for your child. We offer extra insurances such as the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). We also provide a free shuttle service to any hotel in Reykjavik.

Viking car rental self drive Iceland

Viking Car Rental offers a wide range of self-drive tours

Rent a jeep or a super jeep

We have many Land Rover Defenders. The Defender 110, has the new and efficient four cylinder 2,4 liter EURO 4 Diesel engine, and the newly designed 6 gear manual transmission.

We also offer the unmodified Defender 110 Td4, equipped with a snorkel. They are good for normal roads in winter, and can tackle all the major highland roads in summer, although the roughest tracks are best left to it's big brother the Super Defender.


Our 'Super Defenders', are equipped with larger 38-inch tires for increased ruggedness – ideal for driving on snow and glaciers, as well as tackling the toughest Icelandic highland trails. The gear ratio of the axle differentials has been converted for compensation of the bigger tires, resulting in moderate fuel consumption despite these changes, or 12 – 15 litres per 100kms being the average.

All Defenders are equipped with an engine mounted air compressor, to adjust the tyre pressure for different terrains; a VHF long-range radio for communication on private channels; and a snorkel to reduce the likelihood of water reaching the combustion chambers of the engine. Each vehicle is also fitted with a special front bumper for ice, with latches for Hi Lifts, and with spot lights. Common gear for possible problems, like a rope, a shovel, plugs for repairing punctures and normal tools are provided. On request, customers can rent extra fuel cans on a special mounting, and we also offer a roof rack for luggage.

Car rental iceland self drive tours accommodation

Rent car and travel at your own pace

Safe Travel

In the video to the right you can see a few examples of what to bear in mind when driving in Iceland so as to avoid these hazards and have a holiday free from accidents.

Travelling in Iceland can be one of the greatest experiences you can have. However, this beautiful and rugged landscape also contains some difficulties and dangers which the driver may not have come across in other countries.

F-roads are mountain roads in the highlands of Iceland. They can be closed, depending on road conditions. Snow is a determining factor.

All mountain roads and roads in the interior have a surface of loose gravel. Some large sections of the national highway also have a gravel surface but there are also very long stretches of asphalt. The surface on the gravel roads is often loose, especially along the sides of the roads, so one should drive carefully and slow down whenever approaching an oncoming car. The mountain roads are also often very narrow, and are not made for speeding.

Most F-roads are closed until the end of June, or even later in the summer because of wet and muddy conditions which make them totally impassable. When these roads are opened for traffic many of them can only be negotiated by four wheel drive vehicles. Roads requiring four wheel drive (and possibly snow tyres) have route numbers with an "F" prefix, for example F128.

Driving in Iceland is on the right side of the road. Headlights must be switched on at all times, all year round. The use of seatbelts by all drivers and their passengers is compulsory.

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Enjoy your stay !!!

Jolly folks driving round the whole island

Excellent self drive © Atle Bråthen and Ingeborg Vinge

Viking car rental self drive Iceland

Viking Car Rental offers a wide range of self-drive tours

Car rental iceland self drive tours accommodation

Rent car and travel at your own pace

Tips for driving in Iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon Iceland nothern lights aurora borealis

Chase the Northern Lights

You can also choose a self drive tour from the list of pre-planned tours. The duration of these tours spans from 4 to 16 days, with or without accommodation. We also offer you a fine selection of activities available to you during your trip - for your convenience these activities can be booked at any time (so you do not need to book them now unless you want to).

For a QUOTE just press the yellow "Book" button inside each of the self-drive articles - there you can quickly and easily make your own selection of vehicles, accommodation and extras. Click here for self-drive tours.

Campervans are a nice way to experience Iceland without worrying too much about accommodation. If you are going to rent a car in Iceland - why not rent the one which includes accommodation?

4x4 campers are also available - so useful to explore the highlands in a really convenient way which will give you so much freedom. When camping it is great to know there are geothermal swimming pools all over the country. Bathing in an Icelandic swimming pool every morning is a fantastic luxury experience which is unforgettable and surprisingly inexpensive.

Why not book some extra activities along with the route? We have many to choose from including: river rafting, horse riding, glacier hiking, a boat tour on Jokulsarlon, whale watching, a snowmobile tour, snorkeling, and a ferry transfer to a remote island. Build a highly memorable road trip!


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