Top ten things to do in summer

Summer activities in Iceland

Iceland changes with the seasons and the summer opens up the country for new discoveries and new experiences.

We have put together a list of the most exciting, relaxing, rich and fun tours you can go on this summer. No matter the weather forecast, these experiences will be thrilling and make sure that you get the most out of your stay in Iceland.

1. Glacier hiking in the summer

Summer Glacier Hiking

One of the extremities with Iceland is that there is ice here all year around. The glaciers are slowly shrinking as a consequence of a warmer climate and most people believe they might be complete gone in 200-300 years. One very special way to experience why it is important that we care about the environment is by going glacier walking during the middle of the summer! You will understand what beauty the world is being cheated for if these magnificent wonders disappear.

Come with us on a day tour to Glacier Solheimajökull and experience the real Sensational Iceland.

2. Landmannalaugar

Hiking Landmannalaugar Mountains

The highland in Iceland is one of the last deserted places on earth. It is such a vast land of nothing but raw nature, and it can only be explored to its full potential during the summer. One very special place is Landmannalaugar, a small oasis in the middle of a chain of colorful rhyolite mountains. There is a natural pool in the middle of this beauty that has a constant temperature of 37-40 degrees Celsius. A perfect to take a bath after a hike around the area!

This summer we are bring out the big guns and will take you to Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels.

3. Take a bath

Blue lake of a volcanic crater

It is true that Icelanders go to pools all year around, but there is something extra nice about having the sun out when you sink into the hot water.  One of the most amazing experiences when it comes to bathing in Iceland is to go to The Blue lagoon. Here you can swim in the milky blue water and enjoy the summer to its fullest.  Another possibility is to go to one of the local pools in Iceland. This is a great place to meet the locals and to cool off after a warm day (or heat up after a cold day!). There is also a lot of free hot springs around Iceland where you can simply lower yourself into a small natural miracle.

4. The land of contrasts

Land of fire

Iceland is a country of contrasts. There is ice and fire, there is hot and cold and there is of course dark and bright. One way to truly appreciate the long summer nights is to go into the earth where it is completely dark. You will walk into a cave, turn off all the torches and sit in complete darkness for a little while. When you then come back out and see the beautiful evening sun you will truly understand how Iceland can be both Dark and Bright.

5. See the animals

Icelandic Puffins

Animals which naturally inhabit Iceland are few, but every summer more whales and birds come to Iceland’s shores and often give a truly magnificent show. The fjords are good places for whales to feed up for the winter and whale watching has become a popular attraction to see the gentle giants. As a treat the world’s perhaps cutest bird, the Puffin, come to Iceland in the summer as well. You can see Puffins in Flatey Islandor go on a Puffin Express in Reykjavik. If you are more into staying on land, there are a bunch of Greenland Huskies that always want to go on a dog sledding tour!

6. Visit a volcano


As one of Europe’s hot spots you can find active and dead volcanoes in Iceland. The eruption in Holuhraun has just ended and a new lava field known as «The Witches’ lava» has formed. The landscape is completely changed and to get a glimpse at this Extreme Planet we live on we go there by super jeep this summer.  Another great tour that will definitely be worth your while you should consider going Inside the Volcano, and see how the different minerals in the lava have left a color specter that will blow your mind inside the hollow mountain.

7. Jökulsárlón

Seals at Jokulsarlon Lagoon

The deepest lake in Iceland is also a glacier lagoon where floating ice bergs roam in the strong currents. During the summer you can go by an amphibian boat out on this lake and sail next to turning ice bergs and maybe catch sight of the colony of seals that inhabit this beautiful area.  For a full experience (and a glacier hike!) of the south coast we offer a great two days tour to this beautiful landscape.

8. Take a hike

Hiking mountain ranges

When the snow melts the beautiful Icelandic landscapes open up and simply invites you to put on some sturdy shoes and get going! There are many great hiking routs in Iceland. Some where you can go on your own and some where it’s good to be in a group. No matter what you choose the landscape will be waiting!

9. Complete silence

Red cliffs at night

With only 320 000 inhabitants Iceland is to some degree deserted. A great way to take advantage of this is to go to Strandir in the West Fjords, take a deep breath and let the tranquility flow through you body. With only a swimming pool, restaurant and accommodation nearby, nothing will stop you from taking long walks in the fjords or on the mountains. A perfect escape from the city’s light and traffic!

10. Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Although not far from Reykjavik, this part of Iceland seems like it is hours away from any big society. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and caves can be found along this way, and it is no wonder this peninsula has gotten the name «Iceland in miniature». Come with us to Snaefellsnes Peninsula in a super jeep and experience Iceland in a day.