The Real Must-Do's in Iceland

Indulge in True Travel

Everyone wants to enjoy their visit to Iceland to the limit, and return home with a rich & meaningful traveling experience on their back. These are the Iceland's MUSTS :)

A heartfelt guide on how to indulge in true travel (in Iceland)



Watch them (if you're coming in the summer). Learn the names of 3 species at least, the ones you like the most, or the ones that bother you the most. Remember the sounds they make. Remember them. Birds are alive, contrary to all the elements of the landscape, and Iceland has very many wonderful migratory birds. They come airways, and who knows, maybe they fly from the same place as you.

Your life will change if you do this. Just take my word that this is important. You will understand why when you have done it.

Make memories

You don't always need a memory card to make lasting memories. When you are sitting in front of a magnificent waterfall, or mesmerizing landscape, seize the chance to tell your travel partner what you like about him/her/them. If you're traveling solo, make a call to the person in your life who cares most for you (it could be your mom or dad) and tell them what you see.

Care for your environment

Show respect for nature, make sure it is as clean and unpolluted when you leave as it was when you arrived (or better). Then you become a part of it.

Key phrases in Icelandic

Learn some Icelandic

Learn how to greet people, how to express gratitude, and how to say goodbye. It will get you closer to others. Smile internationally :)


One thing to FORGET ~ "We want to see as much as possible as quickly as possible". Do excuse me if I'm a little too straightforward with you dear travelers, but this kind of thinking is not something to be proud of (although today's speedy culture makes us believe so). Rather, try to enjoy every moment, and make it count. 'Cause "sight" is no the only sense we have.

Use your hearing sense and listen. Taste new foods, touch the lava rocks, smell the sulfur. And make a lasting memory about it :)