New Year's Eve Tour to Hveravellir Nature Reserve

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December 28, 2014

Hveravellir, located in the highlands of Iceland, is a peaceful place, one of the most beautiful hot spring areas in the world where nature can be both placid and vigorous! Powerful demonstrations of the elements and/or calm, quiet weather with glittering snow, moonlight, stars shining brightly or even the aurora borealis decorating the sky. Wearing her winter clothes nature gets a pristine look, everything appears brand new, soft, still and silent.

The Tour

Extreme Super Jeep tour for 6 days from December 29 - January 3 to Hveravellir hot spring area in the middle of nowhere, with experienced super jeep drivers and accommodation in mountain huts. Become acquainted with the Icelandic cuisine and legends, bathe in the natural hot pool just outside the lodge. When darkness comes we'll enjoy the magical world of light created by the moon, stars and the northern lights, experiencing the peace, stillness and power of nature here is such a privilege.

We will observe the Northern Lights whenever they show up!

Accommodation and service

Hveravellir has 3 houses for accommodation. The Old Hut has beds for 33 people in sleeping bags. The hut is cozy for adventurers, with a hot natural pool just a few metres away from the door.
A newly built house is split into three separate rooms each for 1-2 persons, altogether for 3-6 persons. Another house, connected to the restaurant, is split into 3 separate rooms, this has a big room with beds for 12 people and two rooms each with beds for 4 people.


There is a small restaurant with seats for 25 people. The tour price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for all days at Hveravellir. Provision bags and drinks are also provided for all walking trips.
The kitchen: Traditional Icelandic food is served and just like the outlaws, Eyvindur and Halla, we will serve some dishes made of Icelandic lamb.

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