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Locals top 5 places to eat out in Reykjavik

Our favorite restaurants

Hi there, my name is Sonja and I just started working at Extreme Iceland. I have been living in Reykjavik for most of my life, in Iceland‘s only city, so I have probably tried the majority of the Icelandic restaurants downtown.

We have new restaurants opening quite often now but me and my friends try keeping up with it being food lovers and all. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite. These places are all kind of in the middle of the price range...

Oysters on Ice


When you take everything into account Snaps is probably my favorite restaurant in Reykjavik. Located at Þórsgata, only 2 minutes walk from Laugavegur (the mainstreet downtown) it is the perfect place to go on the weekend. The atmosphere is amazing, along with the drinks and food of course. The cuisine is French. It gets really busy and you can‘t reserve a table so make sure to arrive early.

Inside an empty restaurant


If you‘re looking for Icelandic fish dishes, Restó would be my first recommendation. It only opened last summer but the chef has many years of experince. The menu is handwritten and rotates so you will always get the freshest ingredients. The place is very cozy and here you have to book in advance.

Fish Tapas at Resto

Austur India fjelagid

Ok, if you‘re tired of fish, Austur India has in my opinion by far the best Indian food in Iceland and some say you‘ll even have to look much further for indian food of that caliber...the place is on Hverfisgata, the street parallel to Laugavegur. This one is a bit more expensive than the others but it is really worth it.

A dish of Mussels

Þrír Frakkar

A hidden gem , Þrír Frakkar is a fish restaurant in Þingholt. If you‘re looking for real old fashion Icelandic food this is the place. This place has been open for many, many years and always keeps up to its standards. Great food.


Bryggjan, which in Icelandic means The Pier, is a new place located at the pier on Grandi. The place is really cool, they have their own brewery and there‘s often something interersting happening there, like concerts and stuff. You can have barsnacks and burgers and the emphasis is on amazingly fresh seafood.

Contributed: Sonja