Where is the best brunch in Reykjavik?

5 best places for brunch food

Who doesn‘t love to brunch? We have many places here in Reykjavik offering great brunches both on weekdays and the weekends. Here is a list of 5 that we love:

Coocoo's nest

Located at Grandi (the new up and coming hip area in Reykjavik) Coocoo‘s nest offers few different dishes of brunches in the weekends. And it is amazing. The egg Benedict‘s is to die for, served on a newly baked sourdough bread and the freshly squeezed orange juice brings it to another level. The place is small and cozy so you should be there early, it‘s so worth it. They also have different artists every month exhibiting on their walls.

Restaurant standard Brunch


Step inside a greenhouse and relax. Snaps has French cuisine and the Icelandic/French touch is a delicious mix. Icelandic skyr with fruits and all types of eggs. They have a wonderful selection of brunchtime cocktails like Mimosa, Kir Royal and more. The place is really popular located downtown at Odinsgata. Probably the best pancakes in town.

Poached eggs and avocado toast


Satt is the only place on the list serving brunch buffet. It‘s open on the weekends and located at Hotel Natura. The buffet consists of all type of food, both the classics (eggs, bacon...) and their signature items like wood oven pizzas and many types of salads. If you‘re traveling as a family this is the perfect place, you get something for everybody.


Did you go out yesterday? Then Prikið is the perfect place to visit. Even the lighting is perfect. Prikið is the oldest coffee house in Iceland established 60 years ago. There you can get dishes like Station Wagon Breakfast (bacon&eggs, baked beans, bread etc...) or the Breakfast of Champions (a healthier choice) or just go for the pancakes...they‘re delicious.

Bergsson Mathús

Also located at Grandi Bergsson serves, like he describes it himself, honest food. By honest, he means good quality food, and that‘s how it is. Bergsson is also located at Templarasund, between Tjörnin and Austurvollur. They offer healthy, tasty food all day and the brunch is no lag behind.

Traditional Icelandic Breakfast



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