What are the best restaurants in Reykjavik?

Wine and Dine in Reykjavik city

You are in the northernmost capital of the world, you are hungry and your only problem is: where can I eat? Here is a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Reykjavik. You will find different kind of restaurants and according to your taste you might be able to choose the best place for you.

1 - The Fish Market (Fiskmarkaðurinn)

The Fisk Market uses Iceland’s freshest ingredients to prepare original fish with a modern twist. They buy directly from the country’s farmers and fishermen to guarantee the sustainability and quality of their dishes. You can have a lot of different kinds of fish and they recommend the tasting menu that head chef Hrefna Rósa Sætran and her team have created. Rather than serving individual starters and main courses, the tasting menu is a combination of dishes that are designed for sharing and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal.

The Fish Market Resturant

The Fish Market Resturant

2 - The Grill market (Grillmarkaðurinn)

At the heart of the culinary experience that is the Grill market is Iceland´s pristine nature. A close working collaboration with dedicated local farmers guarantees the very best in local produce and allows creating a menu that´s a magical fusion of tradition and modern cuisine. Just some of the local products that feature on the menu are lamb, beef, trout, quail, skyr and honey.
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Grill Market, meat and lemon wedge

Grill Market, meat and lemon wedge

3 - The Sake bar (Sake barinn)

The place for sushi & sake in downtown Reykjavík! The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week. Their food ranges from truly authentic Japanese cuisine to the New York-style sushi that's taking the world by storm. They also carry the country's largest collection of sake. Along with the traditional fare, they make their own fruit sake in five different flavours, which adds something special to their unique cocktails, most of which are made with a dash of sake. With a wide range of starters, sticks, sushi, and desserts — along with many great options for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant ladies, and the gluten intolerant — everyone will find something to fall in love with on the menu.

The Sake bar resturant

The Sake bar resturant

4 - Þrir Frakkar

The restaurant was opened on March 1st 1989 and has been run by the chef Úlfar Eysteinsson and his family since then. The restaurant is conveniently located in the downtown area and is within walking distance of the major shops and services in the city centre. The chef has continuously placed emphasis on fish courses and the restaurant has become well known for its delicious fish fare. Other specialties on the menu include whale meat and sea bird entrees.

5 - The Sweet Pig (Sæta Svinið) - Gastropub

Welcome to Sæta Svínið (which means: Sweet pig)! This is a new restaurant in Reykjavik and it doubles as a restaurant and bar, making it the perfect place to combine both eating and drinking at affordable prices. They are all about local food and beer. They prepare tasty and fun food made with fresh and local Icelandic ingredients. They also offer a unique selection of Icelandic beer – 20 bottled, 10 on draft, and artisan cocktails to enjoy alongside the food. Drop by for lunch, late lunch, dinner or drinks in a casual and fun atmosphere.

6 - The Seafood Grill (Sjávargrillið)

The Seafood Grill's main objective is to give the customer a deluxe traditional Icelandic food experience, whether they may crave seafood delicacies, or quality meat and vegetable dishes. Sjavargrillid was founded in the summer of 2011 by young chef Gústav Axel Gunnlaugsson and master chef/owner Lárus Gunnar Jónasson. While travelling the country looking for the real taste of Iceland, they found their inspiration for the menu and were able to collect decorative items for the restaurant along the way. At Sjavargrillið, you can have a classy meal in a stylish, yet informal, ambiance. The menu is quite simple and straight forward. The lunch menu is enticing and affordable, put together of appetizers, main courses, lighter mains and deserts. The prices go up as the hours pass but the dinner menu is still reasonable and very good.

Elegant icelandic cuisine

Elegant icelandic cuisine

7 - Eldsmiðjan - Pizza place

Ask any Icelander you meet where you can get the best pizza in Reykjavik, they‘ll all answer the same: Eldsmidjan. The restaurant was one of the country‘s first pizzerias and now, 25 years later their popularity hasn‘t dwindled at all. It‘s a first-rate pizzeria with three outlets in central Reykjavik. The menu is very inventive and the possibilities seem endless, you can choose from now fewer than 46 toppings. The pizzas are all baked over open fire from aromatic birch, which is one of the things that make them extra special. Residents are very devoted to Eldsmidjan, and it seems that the place has established a whole generation of old fans, although newcomers are always welcome.

8 - Mandi restaurant

Mandi is a fast-food restaurant: kiosk specialising in middle-eastern dishes, such as kebab, shawarma, shish, falafel and hummus, naanwich and also including courses such as salad, hamburgers, fries and more. They are situated right in the heart of the city centre, at the Ingólfstorg square, which is where the first houses in the city used to stand. If you're staying locally, Mandi could be a cheap, convenient and very good option to pick something up on the go before moving on to see the city at large.

9 - Crossroads (Vegamót)

Vegamót is one of Reykjavík´s best hidden secrets, situated just next to Laugavegur, the main shopping street. At Vegamót, quality meals are served at attractive prices. This is an elegant but casual restaurant on two floors, located in the heart of the city on Vegamótastígur. It is one of those places which have the wonderful quality of being an all-in-one restaurant, café and bar. The decor is richly influenced by the Mediterranean giving an elegant and jazzy ambience. Tables are brought out onto a cosy terrace which is sheltered from the wind, which is a great place to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee during the summer. When the sun is shining it is great to sit outside. Vegamót is known for its fresh fish of the day, a big and diverse menu and fair prices.

10 - Svarta Kaffið (The Black Coffee)

A cosy little café/bar in the heart of Reykjavík. The family-owned establishment has a laid-back attitude and emphasizes friendly, personal service. The specialty course is the soup-in-bread, that is, soup served in a bowl made entirely of bread, so you "eat your bowl" after a fashion. There are new soups every day with one vegetarian option and one "meat bomb". The portions are generous for the price. Good coffee and a wide selection of beers and spirits. The location, on the second floor by the Laugavegur shopping street, makes it an ideal place stop by on the way somewhere, or to sit by the window on an idle day and read or watch the people passing by.

Soup in bread

Soup in bread