Where to dance in Reykjavik

Clubs in the capital that are good for dancing

If you wanna dance dance dance, you should go out on the weekend when everything is open till late. You can usually find something in the weekdays as well but everything closes at 1. We put together a list of 5 popular places.


The first place to mention is Kaffibarinn. Located at Bergstaðastæti, a sidestreet from Laugavegur which is the main shopping street. If you like electrical music this is the place to dance. All the cool kidz are there and it's a must visit for Blur fans - Damon Albarn used to run it!

Kaffibarin on Bergstaðastæti

Kaffibarin on Bergstaðastæti


Is a place with a nice and big dance floor. Usually you can dance to indie music and usually there is a lot of fun! There‘s also a high chance of catching some concerts if you‘ll show up early. Beware: full of hipsters!


Who doesn‘t like rock n‘ roll? If you like it Dillon is the place. You can count on nothing else being played over there. It‘s dark and messy just like a rock bar should be. Dresscode: biker jackets!

Dillon nightclub

Dillon nightclub


B5 stands for Bankastræti 5, where it's located. If you‘re into the typical pop/dance/party music you should go to B5. But you will have to spend some time in a queue as it is always ridiculously busy. Recommended to practice twerking before.

Dancing in the street

Dancing in the street


It‘s the king of Rythm and Blues...all types of people go there, so you should have fun! It's named after the street it‘s on, Vegamotastigur, a small sidestreet from Laugavegur. Happy hour till 1 am and they make delicious cocktails!



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