Most popular hiking routes in Iceland

Iceland has some of the best hiking trails in the world

April 16, 2016
Birta Bjornsdottir

If you truly want to discover the magnificent nature in Iceland there‘s probably no way better than to do it by foot. The landscape is so different from everywhere else, Iceland often being called another planet.

landmannalaugar trek

Fimmvörduhals Day Tour

Fimmvorduhals is a really popular route and literally hot from the famous eruption in Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010! Perfect if you want to do some hiking but not ready to spend too many days on it. It‘s about 7 – 9 hours hike depending on your form but should be approachable for people in moderate shape. The trail lies from Skogar to Thorsmork valley and is 22 km long. You will go as high as 1000 m above sea level and you will get amazing views over canyons and mountains as well as passing the two youngest craters in Iceland, formed in 2010, Magni and Modi.

fimmvorduhals hiking

Laugavegur hiking trail

The Laugavegur trail is a route connecting the two nature reserves, Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar in the highlands and is about 55 km long. It‘s recommended to spend 3 - 5 days on this trail, depending on your walking speed. There are mountain huts on the way where you can stay over the night and save up energy but wild camping is not recommended due to nature protective reasons. On the hike you will pass magical mountains in all the rainbow colours and all types of water; glittering glaciers, vaporized hot springs, lakes and rivers and a lot more. You will not be the same after this "walkerience“.

Harbor and mountains


The Westfjords are something else! If you‘re looking to escape the busyness of everyday life, you should head up west to Strandir, located on the Westfjords. The stillness and beautiful landscape will take your mind to another galaxy! The area is full of beautiful sights, Látrabjarg, the western most point of Europe and a lot of uninhabited small villages. The birdlife is amazing and there are endless of fjords all around. At some points there are no roads so you can only access it by foot. You find one of the best geothermal pools in Iceland at Strandir, Krossneslaug, where you get a panoramic view over the Arctic ocean, while bathing in the Icelandic water.

Overlooking waterfalls


Not so far fram Reykjavik, in the Hvalfjord, you‘ll find the deepest canyon and highest waterfall in Iceland. It is about 2 hours drive from the city and the hike is easily accessible for those who aren‘t too afraid of heights. The fjord is really quiet and looks almost like abandoned as very few drive through the fjord ever since the tunnel opened back in 1998 and shortened the ring road. In the hike you will go through a cave, cross a river and walk upwards for some time so it‘s a real adventure!

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