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Thermal Pool Strutslaug - Super Jeep Glacier Tour (EI33)

A rare opportunity to approach unspoiled nature - 3 days / 2 nights


Aurora borealis tour super jeep Iceland

Super Jeep Tour on Myrdalsjokull Glacier - so exciting!

Northern lights tour super jeep Iceland

Seeing the auroras in the highlands away from light pollution
is an experience beyond description

mountain hut Strutslaug auroras

Strutur hut is cozy, warm and comfortable

mountain hut Strutslaug winter

The super jeeps on the way to the mountain cabin

Aurora borealis tour snowmobile Iceland

Snowboarding is possible, even here

Exotic bathing glacier super jeep

The pool is located at the side of a cold water river and
split in two parts by a wall of natural stone

Northern lights glacier super jeep Iceland

Relaxing in the unspoiled nature of Iceland's wilderness

Northern lights glacier super jeep Iceland

The natural hot pool at Strutur is one of the best bathing places in Iceland

Sunset Eyjafjallajokull glacier

Eyjafjallajokull glacier and volcano beneath the
colourful rays of the evening sun

More pictures from Myrdalsjokull and Strutslaug

More pictures of super jeep tours

Pristine nature is a characteristic of Iceland. Some places are less known than others, but nonetheless truly stunning gems in the landscape. We drive in a Super Jeep along the south coast to Myrdalsjokull Glacier, drive up onto the glacier and arrive the cozy Strutur Mountain Cabin.

120 000 ISK per person

Children (8-16): 50% off


Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Pick up: 9:00

Scheduled tour:

Other dates:
upon request for groups

Package includes: transport in a Super Jeep, snowmobile tour, experienced glacier guides, all food and accommodation, pick up and drop off in Reykjavik

Bring with you: Warm layers of clothes, such as wind and rainproof outer shells, warm wool socks, hats and gloves, thermal or woolen middle layer and inner layer.

Sturdy and waterproof hiking boots are a must and good to have slippers for the lodge. Travel pillows, ear plugs and pyjamas are also good things to bring along. Don’t forget your bathing suit and a towel.


Day 1: Reykjavik to Strutur Mountain Cabin

We will leave Reykjavik in the morning and head east along the south coast. If the weather allows, you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes on the way, such as lava fields, black sand beaches, volcanoes and the view to the Westman Islands. We will stop at Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall and an Icelandic treasure which is unique in that it is possible to walk behind it. You will also get the chance to visit the waterfall at Skogafoss. If we are lucky with the weather, a rainbow will show itself above the waterfall - and leave its deep impression upon you... Do not forget your camera!

After some sightseeing on the way we will arrive at the glacier of Myrdalsjokull. This is the fourth biggest glacier in Iceland, covering an area of around 580 square kilometres. Under the thick shell of ice lies the volcano Katla which has erupted at least 23 times in historic times. The last big eruption was in 1918 so Katla is estimated to be ready for its next eruption.

We will cross the glacier in a Super Jeep, the only suitable vehicle, which has to be driven by one of our experienced drivers. Indeed, you really need to have many years of experience to know how the massive engine of this vehicle will react to the weather conditions, and to the crossing of wild rivers.

To drive in the deep layers of snow on the glaciers, our Super Jeep has been modified and has very big tyres which float over the snow. The driver has to let the air out of the tyres often during a journey to ensure an optimal balance between grip and flotation at all times. You will enjoy this unique experience: feel the extreme side of travelling in a Super Jeep whilst feeling safe thanks to the skill of your guide.

After spending some time in the Super Jeep you will get the chance to experience a snowmobiling tour through through unspoiled nature and deep layers of snow. Crossing a glacier and feeling the freedom of this is such a unique experience. You will be near to the area where the famous volcano Eyjafjallajokull glacier is located, as the world knows it erupted in April 2010 causing great chaos.

To make the adventure even better your driver will transport you across wild rivers, with their unpredictable flows. You are in safe hands even in the most exciting conditions. Our drivers are very experienced, responsible and know their country by heart. 

After this challenging trip we will reach our cottage "Strutsskali" where we will relax during the weekend. This wooden cottage is very cosy and welcoming. It provides convivial sleeping and cooking facilities within equally beautiful surroundings, giving a view of the majestic mountains and a wild river. Who could resist the opportunity to spend a night in this pristine environment?

Day 2: Strutslaug Geothermal Pool

After spending an excellent night in our cozy mountain hut and enjoying a delicious breakfast, we will get into the Super Jeep and drive to the top of the mountain situated next to the cottage. No matter if you are driving one of the snowmobiles or if you are a passenger in a Super Jeep, you will be amazed by the technical skills of our drivers as you travel across the mountain.

You will be carried in a Super Jeep to one of the hidden Icelandic paradises called "Strutslaug". Strutslaug is a natural hot spring bathing pool situated in a quiet area, only surrounded by mountains. It is located by the side of a little cold water river and is divided into two parts by a wall of piled up natural stones. Its size is about 8, 5 x 5 metres. Its maximum depth is around 1 metre. In the smaller part of the pool the temperature is 43 degrees centigrade and 37 degrees in the bigger part.

Do not forget to bring your bathing suits! After a refreshing bath we return to the lodge and enjoy an amusing evening program with typical Icelandic food, music and games in a very friendly atmosphere.

Day 3: Strutur to Reykjavik

After a night spent discovering Icelandic culture, we will drive in the Super Jeep and the snowmobiles over Myrdalsjokull Glacier again. Here is your opportunity to enjoy the different parts of this impressive glacier. For sure, it will look different from the first time you visited, this vista is ever changing. Our guides will also tell you many stories about our country and their experiences of it.

In Iceland the weather changes very quickly, which is why the landscapes always look different. There is no way for you to become bored with our rich nature. Just imagine being on a glacier when the weather is clear and enjoying the colourful sunset reflected onto the glacier with the sea and the Westman Islands in the background. This is such very picturesque and unforgettable view.

Before you leave the glacier you will have many opportunities to take photographs of this unique place so you can always keep in mind your amazing trip in Iceland.

In the late evening, we will return to the capital of Iceland again and drop you off at your accommodation.

In favourable conditions and good weather this can be an unforgettable adventure as the Icelandic winter is very often so majestic up on the mountains and glaciers. If the weather is not so good, you will discover your own adventurous side during this extreme weekend. Taking a trip on a glacier is always an unpredictable as well as an unforgettable adventure.

Whether the weather is good or not, we know you will be impressed by the fantastic nature all around you.


Thermal Pool Strutslaug - Super Jeep Glacier Tour

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