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navettes pour l'aéroport en Islande

Navettes pour l'aéroport de KEF

À votre hôtel, ou au centre-ville à la gare routière

Transfert économique à Reykjavik de l'aéroport international de KEF Keflavik. Vous pouvez aller à votre hôtel ou à la borne de bus. Ou si vous le préférez, vous pouvez aller au Blue Lagoon, ou combiner le transfert avec une visite touristique. Tirer le meilleur parti de votre séjour.


Viking Car Rental

Location de voiture

Travel at your own pace!

Being able to travel at your own pace can be a top priority, especially if you are travelling with your family or friends. Why not just hire a car? Viking Car Rental is an Icelandic car hire service which will fulfill all of your rental vehicle needs whilst you are travelling in Iceland.


Accommodation in Iceland


Hotels, Guesthouses, Hostels and more...

Hotels, guesthouses, farm accommodation, huts and so much more. We are offering accommodation all over Iceland. Browse our selection of accommodation from all over the country and don't hesitate to contact our sales specialists if you have any questions or if you need help with booking.


Guiding Service Iceland

Guiding Service

Guided Tours in Iceland

Extreme Iceland offers both large and small groups the benefit of their great guiding services in tours around Iceland. Travellers who have pre-outlined travel plans often may not know exactly where certain landmarks are or where certain travelling aids can be found - it is at times like these that being advised by our great and experienced guides is invaluable.


Tour planning service iceland

Tour Planning Service

Tours of all sizes and length

Extreme Iceland are expert at advising on and planning tours for both individuals and groups from A-Z. We are able to provide whatever service you may require from advice to a tour planned in every detail especially to suit you. To acquire your dream trip in Iceland do not hesitate, inquire today!


Leidarendi Cave

Highland Taxi Service

Ride around the Icelandic highlands

Do you want to explore the wide plains of the Icelandic highlands with its glacier run valleys, bulging rivers, extreme summits, never-ending fields of hardened lava and pristine white ice caps? Extreme Iceland offers a well equipped 4x4 mountain truck with an experienced driver to take your group into the highlands of Iceland.