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Lava Cave Arnarker - Private Tour

Easily reachable and fantastic lava tube

Some of Earth' most precious natural wonders are hidden in caves. Having a very diverse array of lava textures, these amazing gems of nature make one feel as if inside a science fiction movie. An added beauty in the winter season are the icicle formations, and they make very interesting photo subjects when light is applied to them from different angles.

Durée: Flexible

Disponibilité: On request


Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided caving tour, flash light, gloves and helmet.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Upon request.

For groups only (not scheduled tour)

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Description du circuit

This is an excellent family tour or for just anyone looking for the unexpected adventure. Come prepared to get a little wet, dirty, and maybe a scratch or two. Not for the claustrophobic or anybody who has problems walking on very uneven ground.

Ice crystals in Arnarker lava tube cave

Ice crystals adorn the cave's ceiling

It takes about an hour to drive from Reykjavik to the lava tube cave named Arnarker in Leitahraun lava field.

From the road there's a short path to the cave’s entrance, but the cave is a hollow pit that reaches down about 16 metres vertically.

Ice and lava formations in Arnarker lava tube cave Iceland

Gem like natural treasures nestled inside

The ceiling of the cave probably broke a few thousand years ago. It is amazing it actually broke considering the depth of the cave itself. The cave is usually called "Kerid", but it’s older name is Arnarker or Eagle's Basin, although no eagles have nested in this lava field in recorded history.

The pit is the only entrance and there is a sturdy ladder down into the cave, which measures over 516 metres in length.

Icecicles and lava in Arnarker cave Iceland

Icicles catch the light

From the entrance, the cave extends about 100 metres to the south but over 400 metres to the north. The cave is also quite spacious, both in width and in height, although the cave’s northern tunnel is more or less collapsed. The breakdown deposits cover the whole floor, except for the first 100 metres, which are mostly covered by a coating of ice.

Stalactites in Arnarker lava tube icelandic cave

Some incredible natural patterns inside

During the late season of winter, the ice constructs amazing and beautiful formations of ice castles, some of these are over 3 metres high. In this tour we stay underground for about one to two hours, including the drive to and from the Arnarker lava tube, this tour usually takes around four hours.

Extreme Iceland offers trips to the Arnarker lava tube every season of the year.