Floki Cave - Near Hafnarfjordur

One of Iceland's longest lava tubes

The eruption that created Tvibollahraun lava field was probably the first volcanic activity that occurred after the island was settled in the year 874 A.D.

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Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided caving tour, flash light, gloves and helmet.

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Description du circuit

A great number of caves are in the Tvibollahraun lava field, but the largest of them is the one named Floki. It only takes about a half an hour to drive from Reykjavik to a parking lot near the cave.  From the parking lot it takes you around 30 minutes to walk to the cave’s entrance.

A man sitting on a shelve in Floki lava tube cave

Man sitting on a shelf in Floki lava tube cave

The cave is 1096 metres long and it forks in several directions and can be difficult to navigate. Preparations should be made before entering the cave and people need to be well equipped with flashlights and lanterns. The length of the cave at 1096 metres makes it the 10th longest lava tube in Iceland.

lava formations in Floki lava tube cave iceland

Bizarre lava formations in cave Floki

Knee pads should be included in your traveling kit whilst trekking through the cave Floki. Though there are places inside the lava tube where you can stand upright, you will have to duck your head or even crawl in most parts of the cave and you may need to slide on your belly in various places. Due to the many forked ways and small chambers of the cave, you are advised to take a guided tour through the cave. It is very easy to get lost in this cave for a great many hours.

Red floor in Floki lava tube cave

Red floor in Floki cave

There’s a lot of peculiar and amazing lava flow formations inside Floki lava tube. Some of them have unique forms and hues of colour. If you are open-minded enough and have a vivid imagination, you may be able to mark out “crocodiles” and “dinosaurs” in the unique lava flow formations that are all over the cave.

Extreme Iceland offers guided tours to the Floki lava tube every single day of the year (upon request for groups).

Floki lava tube

Floki lava tube

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