Tvigigahellir, Geirdal and Kubbur

Beautiful lava tube caves in the vicinity of the Blue Lagoon

There are a number of lava tube caves in the lava fields in the vicinity of the Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes peninsula.

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Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided caving tour, flash light, gloves and helmet.

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Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Description du circuit

In this specialty tour we take notes on the exterior and interior aspects of the lava fields. Guests are guided through the origin of lava fields, the lava tube caves, the area’s volcanic activity and the origin of the world famous Blue Lagoon.

Tvígígahellir cave Iceland

Tvígígahellir cave entrance

On this tour, we see 3 different lava tube caves. None of them are very big, nor very long, but there’s still much to see. The first of the 3 lava tube caves is Geirdal which is well over 200 metres long. Geirdal is divided into narrow tunnels, which you have to crawl through, and spacious domes. Geirdal is positioned in Arnarsetur-lava field which covers about 22 square kilometre and which was formed in an eruption around the year 1230 A.C. The lava tube cave, Kubbur, is about 100 metres long and partially on two levels.  Kubbur is also on Arnarsetur-lava field.

Tvígígahellir caving iceland

Exploring Tvígígahellir interior

The 3rd of the lava tube caves we visit in this tour is Tvigigahellir cave and it’s situated in Eldvarpa-lava field. Eldvarpa-lava field is around 19 square kilometres and was formed from an eruption in a great fissure about 2200 years ago. The path to Tvígígahellir cave is fun to tread and the scenery is astonishing. The Tvígígahellir cave has three openings to the ceiling, and actually joins two volcanic craters by a 15 metre long tube. When inside the cave it’s illustrative to see how volcanic craters are formed by eruption and it’s easy to see the journey of the once molten magma around the crater’s walls.

Kubbur cave in Iceland

Kubbur cave on the Arnarsetur lava field

After the trek around this ancient scorched area and visits to the three caves, the tour is finishes in the beautiful Blue Lagoon, where trekkers relax and regenerate their energy for the rest of the day in the mineral rich geothermally heated seawater.

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