Cave Vorduhellir - Thingvellir National Park

Longest lava tube in the Thingvellir National Park

Vorduhellir lava tube is around 1100 metres long and is the longest of all known lava tubes in the Thingvellir National Park.

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Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided caving tour, flash light, gloves and helmet.

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Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

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Description du circuit

Hiking through the lava tube is a fun experience but should not be considered an easy feat. In places you may have to get down on hands and knees and in lots of places you may have to duck your head, but most of the time you should be able to stand upright.

Vörðuhellir cave Iceland

Interesting shapes left by the lava flow

Most parts of the lava tube not been changed by any geologic events for nearly 9000 years, although some breakdown have occurred in parts of the lava tube. The ancient lava flow left behind some interesting formations and patterns that show clearly how the magma flowed freely through the tunnel and how it solidified over time, making these unique patterns. It is really easy to get lost in the Vorduhellir lava tube and people are advised to use the services of expert guides such as the guides of Extreme Iceland.

Vorduhellir cave icelandic

Most of the lava is 9000 years old

The tour to Vorduhellir lava tube is an adventure and should not be considered an easy task. The tour through this cave is only suitable for those who are fit and healthy. It should be noted that people with extra weight around their waists will have tremendous difficulties navigating the lava tube.

Extreme Iceland offers day tours to the Vorduhellir lava tube with historic and geological sightseeing through the Thingvellir National Park every day of the year.

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